Company Philosophy

High Quality & Value Prices

Victory Sports Tours’ philosophy is to offer high-quality sport tours at a solid value through personalized, attentive one-on-one customer service. VST strives to get you the most for your money, which we achieve through our extensive network of contacts and close collaboration with our partners at the destination country.


Personal Attention

Victory Sports Tours offers customers the advantage of being a relatively small company with a lot of experience and a personal touch. When you call us, a real live person answers most of the time or we call you back as soon as we get your message. No voicemail menus !

We work with you one-on-one, step-by-step to custom-design your tour until you are satisfied with the itinerary and the price. It is our goal that you get to know us and feel very comfortable talking and working with us on your tour this year and in the future.

Planning your tour can and should be as much fun as taking the trip itself !


Tailor-Made Tours

It is important to note that all of Victory Sports Tours’ trips are tailor-made to each individual team’s tastes and priorities. The itineraries listed in this website are suggestions based on what has worked in the past but you can change the cities visited, number of days in each place, number of games played, sightseeing activities, etc.

Let the sports and travel experts at Victory Sports Tours guide you through this process, putting together a trip that will work exceptionally well; enabling you to see and experience the destination you are visiting while coaching and playing the game you love!

 You’re always a winner with VICTORY SPORTS TOURS !