The Victory Sports Tours’ Difference:
Experience & Quality Control

The main differences between sports tour companies are marked by two criteria:

Long Experience

Unforeseen events can have a significant impact on your sports tour.

Flight delays, snowstorms, lost luggage, traffic delays, flooded playing fields, sick tour guides, and sick players are just some of the obstacles to a great trip.

However, an experienced tour company knows how to resolve these challenges, take measures to mitigate them, or, better yet, anticipate them with a “Plan B” in place ready to be activated at a moment’s notice and get your tour back on track to being the wonderful experience that it is supposed to be.

Managing these situations successfully is what separates the experienced sports travel people from those who have given little thought to potential setbacks, let alone lived through them and resolved them.

Victory Sports Tours’ President Phil Perry has been organizing group travel since 1987. During that time he has been involved in the details of travel arrangements of over 300 groups. He has “seen it all” or pretty close to it !

Our other staff of dedicated sports tour professionals both at our head office and partner organizations around the world are similarly experienced. It is what we do “all day, every day” !

Commitment to Quality Control

One of the keys to Victory Sports Tours’ success is the questions we ask ourselves when organizing your tour:

“Have we thought of everything?”
“What can possibly go wrong?”
“What can we do to prevent that from happening?”

Asking the first two questions usually reveals a few things that are not covered 100% air-tight.

Answering the last question determines what measures we can take to prevent things from going wrong in the first place.

Asking these questions, answering them, and implementing quality-control measures goes a long way to making your trip as close to perfect as possible !

It is our firm belief that preventing negative situations is a lot better than trying to solve them as they happen !


You’re always a winner with VICTORY SPORTS TOURS !