Fundraising Guide

Victory Sports Tours offers a nine-page fundraising guide to teams who have elected to arrange their soccer tour through our company. The guide addresses such topics as:

  • Calculating How Much Money You Need to Raise
  • Determining Fundraising Activities and Delegating Tasks
  • Soliciting Merchants to Support Your Auction or Raffle
  • Soliciting Parental Support
  • Selling Merchandise as Fundraisers
  • Returning Merchants’ Support
  • Cash Management

Also included are seven case studies of successful fundraising activities; including car and trip raffles, fundraising dinners, and a campaign to sell merchandise featuring the team logo. This guide will help you organize your own fundraising program and should stimulate new ideas of your own that you can use to raise money.

Please call us, e-mail us, or use the e-mail form in the “Contact Us” page of this website to request your free, no-obligation Victory Sports Tours fundraising guide.


My Sports Dreams

“My Sports Dreams” runs one of the nation’s leading fundraising programs for sports teams.

For more information, call “My Sports Dreams” at 800-376-5988 or visit their website at


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