Team Sports Experiences

  • Organization of Games
    4-6 Games with Teams at your Competitive Level (number of games depends on length of tour, availability of local teams, and your team’s preference).
  • Opponent-Matching Services
    Your team’s skill level is evaluated by our on-staff sports professionals who analyze your team’s past record, level of opponents, how your team compares to U.S. teams that have traveled with VST previously plus possible evaluation of game video footage.
  • Game Services
    Services including Referees and individual Water Bottles provided at games.
  • Clinics with local High-Level Professional Licensed Coaches
    Train with an accomplished local coach on the Skills, Techniques, Tactics & Strategies customarily used in your destination country. You may select topics of special interest that you would like covered.
  • Practice Opportunities
    As close to your hotel as possible on regulation-size playing surfaces.
  • Game & Practice Transfers
    Private motorcoach transfers between your hotel and game & practice fields round-trip will be provided as necessary.