“The trip was outstanding !”

-Team from New Jersey


“Really enjoyed the tour. I think it will have a huge impact on this group going forward.”

-Team from California


“This tour surpassed our expectations.  I am very pleased overall with our experiences.  I feel like we received an excellent tour for the cost !”

- Team from Vermont


“The tour manager was awesome – a real pro with lots of personality.  The tour definitely fulfilled our expectations, if not surpassed them.  I would recommend the tour to others.”

- Team from Pennsylvania


“Thank you once again for the organization of the trip as well as your hospitality.  We will hold all of the memories very dear to our heart for many years to come.”

-Team from Rhode Island


“The tour manager was incredibly kind and sweet !  Made us all feel so welcome and comfortable.  She was helpful to us as a group and became one of the family.  Thanks again for a wonderful experience !”

- Team from Washington D.C.


“The tour manager has set the bar of ALL other Tour Guides / Managers from now on !   Many, many thanks to him ! ….. The tour was all we had hoped for and more.  We are pleased that we measured up to the competition and vice versa.”

- Team from Kentucky


“We loved the clinic coach – he is amazing !!  His asst. was very good as well.  The player loved the clinics. ….. Unbelievable – we all loved the tour manager.  He was amazing and made everything go smoothly.  He was very co-operative.  Very helpful with our parents.  I couldn’t have asked for more – can he come home with us ?”

- Team from Maine


“The tour manager is very good at what he does.  When we made multiple changes to sightseeing, ha handled everything quickly and with grace.  He went out of his way to do special things for us.  First Class ! ……We were extremely happy with the whole trip.  The staff operated in a way that helped us remain relaxed.  I would highly-recommend Victory to other groups.  Price was right for us and the value of our $ here was fantastic.  Completely professionally done and always with a friendly smile !”

- Team from Pennsylvania


“The clinic coaches were excellent.  Quality of games was perfect, easier to start and then 2 higher level games to finish.  Aftermatch was very enjoyable……Both tour managers were excellent, very organized and willing to help in any way.  We had a great time! ”

- Team from Maine


“The clinics were excellent, very-well organized and planned out.  The girls loved socializing with the other teams after the games…..The tour manager went above and beyond this week.  She was always accessible when we needed her and was extremely professional….The tour was well-organized and our tour managers really made our trip.”

- Team from New York


“The clinic coach was excellent.  The players really responded to his clinic.  They learned a great deal from skills to strategy….. The tour manager made the transition flawless.  I would recommend Victory Tours to other coaches.  He had every detail covered….A tremendous athletic / cultural experience.  Time and money well spent.”

- Team from Massachusetts     

“I’ve been meaning to write you to thank you for our trip.  I have been singing your praises.  I thought the whole thing was so well organized and everyone involved did an outstanding job….. The girls can’t stop talking about the trip and I think overall it was an incredible experience for everyone. Thanks so much again for all of your work planning it and for being so accommodating with our whims while we were there.  You really made this a great trip for all of us!”

-Team from Connecticut 


Please contact us for specific references at 1-877-451-7906 or e-mail pperry@victorysportstours.com